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Rapid Improvement

The challenge

Most organisations don't start change projects when things are going great, resources are available and alignment is easy to get. Many change programs are a response to an increasingly difficult situation and hence by the time the change program starts, resource allocation will be constrained, buy in may be difficult to get or change fatigue has set in.

The consequences

Long running change programs can wear out an organisations will to change and scepticism can increase when results are not being delivered for months or years in the future.

A long implementation timeline can also lead to challenges testing solution approaches against reality. The impact of assumptions about the solution, the future and changes in the environment grow over time and the future solution may not be as useful to the business as initially thought.

Our approach

Rapid improvement projects are designed to deliver results with short sprints in areas that are visible and struggling. The success of these initiatives creates buy-in and motivation among stakeholders, frees up resources that are critical for bigger change initiatives and incrementally improves data, processes and technology to create the right conditions for subsequent initiatives to build upon.

These improvements might range from temporary technical solutions to free up resources over process improvements required for a technical change to technology implementations designed for long term use. Sustainability is a major consideration in these initiatives and we will focus on solutions that are aligned with the capabilities and capacities of the organisation.